The Thessaloniki Regional Forum constitutes an independent, non-political, non-profit organization, a regional geopolitical initiative in which 11 Balkan countries take part, that is Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia in order to foster the cooperation and the peaceful conflict resolution in the Balkan region.

MISSION: The Thessaloniki Regional Forum aims to bring together leading political figures, intellectuals, academics and distinguished representatives of the public and private sector and the civil society of the Balkans in order to serve as a high-level platform of an open and progressive political regional dialogue. The overarching ambition of the Forum is to foster ideas, regional strategies and policies that will contribute significantly to the promotion of peace and security, stability and sustainable development, democracy and rule of law in the Balkans. Moreover, the Forum aspires to work as a catalyst for deeper regional cooperation at all levels and provide a place where policy makers and stakeholders from all Balkan countries shall meet in order to discuss pressing foreign policy issues; seek common answers to our shared challenges; and shape the agenda for a new European Balkan partnership.


Yiannis Lagonas

Thessaloniki Regional Forum

Konstantinos Foutzopoulos

Executive Director
Thessaloniki Regional Forum