Planet Balkans: Our Future at a Critical Crossroad?

The agenda of the conference addresses critical issues for the region which will determine the future course of the countries of Southeast Europe. Antagonisms and ongoing rivalries in the still unsettled but promising Balkan geopolitical area, the expectation of the remaining countries accessing the European Union, the economic and development prospects open to Balkan people as well as to prospective investors, the digital transformation of our countries and the new challenges in the domain of energy will be examined in depth in an effort to highlight the region’s potential.

The discussants and speakers of the 2nd Thessaloniki Regional Forum will be the Balkan protagonists themselves, many of whom will be called upon to make decisions crucial for the future of our region.

In this light, distinguished actors from the field of politics and economics, diplomats, academics, representatives of international organizations and members of civil society will meet in Thessaloniki for an open discussion on the future of the region. A region that seems more than ever in the past, willing not only to look for viable solutions to its common problems but also to actually find them.

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Highlights from Thessaloniki Regional Forum 2019